Peculiarities of electron-beam interaction with waves in partially plasma-filled corrugated waveguide

Research paper by N. I. Karbushev

Indexed on: 01 Jul '91Published on: 01 Jul '91Published in: Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics


It is shown when the cross-section of a waveguide is partially filled by magnetized plasma, slow and fast E-waves can exist simultaneously at the same frequency, which is lower than the plasma frequency. In the case of spatially periodic corrugation of the waveguide wall, the waves can be coupled, forming new waves with hybrid properties in a certain frequency range. The interaction of an electron beam with the hybrid waves differs from the interaction with a slow plasma wave in a waveguide with smooth walls or with the wave in an evacuated corrugated waveguide. For example, when two waves traveling in the same direction are coupled, the increments of the hybrid waves have values on the order of but somewhat smaller than those of the increment of a slow plasma wave in a smooth waveguide.