PCR analysis of the wheat varieties and near-isogenic wheat lines with the use of allele-specific primers for the Gli-1 and Glu-3 loci

Research paper by A. M. Polishchuk, S. V. Chebotar, E. M. Blagodarova, N. A. Kozub, I. A. Sozinov, Yu. M. Sivolap

Indexed on: 29 Dec '10Published on: 29 Dec '10Published in: Cytology and Genetics


The allelic characteristics of Gli-A1, Gli-B1, Gli-D1 and Glu-A3 loci of 14 bread wheat varieties and 6 near-isogenic wheat lines derived from the Bezosta 1 variety were found by the use of PCR. The conformity between molecular-genetic and storage protein electrophoretic data was revealed: the GliA1.2 allele corresponds to the Gli-A1o and Gli-A1m allelic variants of gliadin blocks; the GliA1.1 PCR allele corresponds to the Gli-A1f, Gli-A1b and Gli-A1c variants of gliadin blocks; the GliB1.1 allele corresponds to the Gli-B1b and Gli-B1d allelic variants; and the GliB1.2 allele corresponds to the Gli-B1e, Gli-B1g and Gli-B1c variants. A new PCR allele with primers for marker GliB1.1 at the Gli-B1 locus in the GLI-B1-12 line (with the gliadin Gli-Blo block), which was generated from crossing of Bezosta 1 and the variety Levent, was detected.