PbO2-TiO2 composite electrodes

Research paper by A. B. Velichenko, V. A. Knysh, T. V. Luk’yanenko, F. I. Danilov, D. Devilliers

Indexed on: 09 Jun '09Published on: 09 Jun '09Published in: Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces


Electrodeposition of composite PbO2-based materials containing titanium dioxide particles was studied. The TiO2 content of the composite depends on the bath composition and the deposition conditions. Inclusion of TiO2 particles in PbO2 substantially changes the morphology and structure of the deposit. The oxygen overpotential at composite materials increased but the rate of the conversion of 4-chlorophenol into nontoxic compounds remained virtually unchanged. The lifetime of the electrodes containing the inert TiO2 phase was found to be twice as long as that of traditional PbO2 anodes.