[Patient follow-up after treatment for breast cancer].

Research paper by J-M JM Classe, L L Sentilhes, I I Jaffré, M M Mezzadri, C C Lefebvre-Lacoeuille, M M Dejode, L L Catala, V V Bordes, F F Dravet, P P Descamps

Indexed on: 06 Nov '10Published on: 06 Nov '10Published in: Journal de Gynécologie Obstétrique et Biologie de la Reproduction


Patient follow-up after treatment for a breast cancer is based on the local recurrence risk. Annual mammography remains the main point of this follow-up and tumor markers detection has still no interest. Absence of benefit of an intensive clinical, biological and radiological surveillance has been proved for a long time but expert recommendations still are a subject of discussion although they knew no evolution for more than 10 years. Evolution of those follow-up modalities will depend on the future indications of MRI and PET. About distant recurrence, a better knowledge of the risk is now possible thanks to the tumor biological profile study. Nevertheless, intensification of follow-up for some kind of high-risk tumors will have interest only if we can propose a therapeutic alternative in metastatic situation.