Patient and endoscopist radiation doses during ERCP procedures.

Research paper by V V Tsapaki, K D KD Paraskeva, N N Mathou, E E Andrikopoulos, P P Tentas, C C Triantopoulou, J A JA Karagiannis

Indexed on: 12 Jul '11Published on: 12 Jul '11Published in: Radiation protection dosimetry


The aim of the study was to calculate radiation doses for patients and staff during interventional Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedures. Patient age (A), kerma-area product (KAP), fluoroscopy time (T) and total number of films (F) were collected for 157 interventional ERCP procedures. One endoscopist (>10 y of experience) monitored using a thermoluminescent dosemeter worn over the lead apron performed the ERCPs. Median (range) KAP was 3.1 Gy cm(-2) (0.1-106.7 Gy cm(-2)). Median (range) A, T and F were 72 y, 2.6 (0.2-26.0) min and 2 (1-4) images, respectively. No correlation was observed between KAP and A, T or F. Monthly endoscopist dose was negligible due to the use of lead apron, collar and two lead-articulated ceiling mounted shields. The endoscopist dose is minimal when using appropriate protective measures. Patient doses showed large variation that has to be further investigated.