Pathophysiological mechanisms regulated by cytokines in gliomas.

Research paper by Anthos A Christofides, Marinos M Kosmopoulos, Christina C Piperi

Indexed on: 03 Dec '14Published on: 03 Dec '14Published in: Cytokine


Glioma, a neuroglia originated malignancy, consists of one of the most aggressive primary tumors of the central nervous system with poor prognosis and lack of efficient treatment strategy. Cytokines have been implicated in several stages of glioma progression, participating in tumor onset, growth enhancement, angiogenesis and aggressiveness. Interestingly, cytokines have also the ability to inhibit glioma growth upon specific regulation or interplay with other molecules. This review addresses the dual role of major cytokines implicated in glioma pathology, pointing toward promising therapeutic approaches.