Parametric X rays observed under bragg condition: boost of intensity by a factor of Two

Research paper by J Freudenberger, H Genz, VV Morokhovskyi, A Richter, JP Sellschop

Indexed on: 04 Oct '00Published on: 04 Oct '00Published in: Physical review letters


Parametric x rays (PXR) produced by bombarding silicon and diamond crystals with electrons of 30 to 87 MeV were detected at 180 degrees relative to the direction of the electron beam. It was found that the dependence of the intensity on the orientation of the crystal agrees with the predictions of the kinematical theory of PXR. The absolute intensity is twice as large as predicted. These findings can be explained considering dynamical effects that govern the x-ray crystal interaction. Additionally, x rays caused by self-diffracted transition radiation have been observed.