Parametric x-ray radiation of a relativistic electron under conditions of asymmetric reflection

Research paper by S. V. Blazhevich, A. V. Noskov

Indexed on: 14 Jan '09Published on: 14 Jan '09Published in: Russian Physics Journal


Coherent x-ray radiation of a relativistic electron crossing a single-crystal plate in the Laue scattering geometry is considered in a two-wave approximation of the dynamic diffraction theory [1]. Analytical expressions describing the spectral-angular distribution of parametric x-ray radiation (PXR) and diffraction transition radiation (DTR) formed on the atomic planes located at an angle δ to the crystal plate surface (asymmetric scattering) are derived. Dependence of the spectral-angular density of PXR, DTR, and their interference term on the angle δ is investigated.