Parameterized Model Checking of Token-Passing Systems

Research paper by Benjamin Aminof, Swen Jacobs, Ayrat Khalimov, Sasha Rubin

Indexed on: 25 Nov '13Published on: 25 Nov '13Published in: Computer Science - Logic in Computer Science


We revisit the parameterized model checking problem for token-passing systems and specifications in indexed $\textsf{CTL}^\ast \backslash \textsf{X}$. Emerson and Namjoshi (1995, 2003) have shown that parameterized model checking of indexed $\textsf{CTL}^\ast \backslash \textsf{X}$ in uni-directional token rings can be reduced to checking rings up to some \emph{cutoff} size. Clarke et al. (2004) have shown a similar result for general topologies and indexed $\textsf{LTL} \backslash \textsf{X}$, provided processes cannot choose the directions for sending or receiving the token. We unify and substantially extend these results by systematically exploring fragments of indexed $\textsf{CTL}^\ast \backslash \textsf{X}$ with respect to general topologies. For each fragment we establish whether a cutoff exists, and for some concrete topologies, such as rings, cliques and stars, we infer small cutoffs. Finally, we show that the problem becomes undecidable, and thus no cutoffs exist, if processes are allowed to choose the directions in which they send or from which they receive the token.