Parallel assembly for multiple site-directed mutagenesis of plasmids.

Research paper by Pu P Yan, XinZheng X Gao, Wentao W Shen, Peng P Zhou, Jun J Duan

Indexed on: 14 Aug '12Published on: 14 Aug '12Published in: Analytical Biochemistry: Methods in the Biological Sciences


A parallel assembly method for multiple site-directed mutagenesis of plasmids was developed here based on Golden Gate cloning. It takes advantage of type IIs restriction enzymes and T4 DNA ligase to assemble multiple DNA fragments into a plasmid by a defined order. This method can accommodate multiple plasmid mutagenesis at any desired position with all three sequence modification types (substitution, deletion, and insertion) simultaneously. Furthermore, it can be used to create otherwise difficult-to-make mutants-larger deletions and insertions and mutagenesis on larger plasmids. The processes of mutagenesis can be completed quickly by a single restriction-ligation reaction.