Palladium-catalyzed oxalyl amide assisted direct ortho-alkynylation of arylalkylamine derivatives at δ and ε positions.

Research paper by Mingyu M Guan, Changpeng C Chen, Jingyu J Zhang, Runsheng R Zeng, Yingsheng Y Zhao

Indexed on: 30 Jun '15Published on: 30 Jun '15Published in: Chemical Communications


Palladium-catalyzed oxalyl amide directed ortho-alkynylation of arylalkylamine derivatives is reported for the first time. A wide variety of β-arylethamine and γ-arylpropamine derivatives are compatible with this protocol. This method provides a general means to synthesize substituted alkynylarylalkylamine derivatives, highlighting the ability of oxalyl amide in promoting C-H functionalization at unique δ and ε positions.