Paleogeographic significance of Early Permian crinoids and blastoids from Oman

Research paper by Gary D. Webster, George D. Sevastopulo

Indexed on: 01 Dec '07Published on: 01 Dec '07Published in: Paläontologische Zeitschrift


Early Permian crinoids and blastoids from Oman show relationship with Late Paleozoic Tethyan faunas of Timor and Western Australia and support an Early Permian age for part of the Basleo fauna of Timor. The camerate crinoidPlatycrinites omanensis n. sp. and the blastoidsTimoroblastus andDeltoblastus are reported for the first time from Sakmarian strata of northeastern Oman, doubling the known Permian echinoderms from Oman. The blastoids suggest an offshore lower energy shelf environment of deposition.