Pairing and Quantum Double of Multiplier Hopf Algebras

Research paper by Bernhard Drabant, Alfons Van Daele

Indexed on: 01 Jun '01Published on: 01 Jun '01Published in: Algebras and Representation Theory


We define and investigate pairings of multiplier Hopf (*-)algebras which are nonunital generalizations of Hopf algebras. Dual pairs of multiplier Hopf algebras arise naturally from any multiplier Hopf algebra A with integral and its dual Â. Pairings of multiplier Hopf algebras play a basic rôle, e.g., in the study of actions and coactions, and, in particular, in the relation between them. This aspect of the theory is treated elsewhere. In this paper we consider the quantum double construction out of a dual pair of multiplier Hopf algebras. We show that two dually paired regular multiplier Hopf (*-)algebras A and B yield a quantum double which is again a regular multiplier Hopf (*-)algebra. If A and B have integrals, then the quantum double also has an integral. If A and B are Hopf algebras, then the quantum double multiplier Hopf algebra is the usual quantum double. The quantum double construction for dually paired multiplier Hopf (*-)algebras yields new nontrivial examples of multiplier Hopf (*-)algebras.