π-Complexes of α,β-dibenzoylethylene with iron carbonyls

Research paper by A. N. Nesmeyanov, L. V. Rybin, M. I. Rybinskaya, N. T. Gubenko, P. V. Petrovskii

Indexed on: 01 Dec '71Published on: 01 Dec '71Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The reaction of the trans- and cis-isomers ofα,β-dibenzoylethylene (L) with Fe2(CO)9 leads to the formation of the iron tetra- and tricarbonyl complexes, in which the ligand retains its configuration.The photochemical and thermal transitions from the iron tetracarbonyl to the iron tricarbonyl complexes were accomplished.The direction of the thermal decomposition of the LFe(CO)4 complexes depends on the geometric configuration of the ligand in the complex; for (cis-L)Fe(CO)4 it proceeds to a considerable degree with a reduction of the ligand.