Oxygen solubility in liquid nickel containing zirconium

Research paper by A. A. Aleksandrov, V. Ya. Dashevskii, L. I. Leont’ev

Indexed on: 14 Jun '16Published on: 14 Jun '16Published in: Doklady Physical Chemistry


The solubility of oxygen in liquid nickel containing zirconium at 1873 K has been experimentally studied for the first time. It has been shown that zirconium is a rather strong deoxidizing agent in liquid nickel. The equilibrium constant of the reaction of zirconium and oxygen dissolved in liquid nickel (logK (1)(Ni) =–6.788), the interaction parameters characterizing these solutions (e Zr(Ni) O =–2.01; e O(Ni) Zr =–0.35; e Zr(Ni) Zr = 0.24), and the activity coefficient of zirconium in nickel at infinite dilution (γZr(Ni) o = 1.03 × 10–8) have been determined. The zirconium content at the minimum of the oxygen solubility curve and the corresponding oxygen concentration have been determined.