Oscillatory Marangoni convection in a conducting fluid layer with a deformable free surface in the presence of a vertical magnetic field

Research paper by I. Hashim, N. M. Arifin

Indexed on: 18 Aug '03Published on: 18 Aug '03Published in: Acta mechanica


Linear stability theory is applied to the problem of the onset of oscillatory Marangoni convection in a horizontal layer of electrically conducting fluid heated from below in the presence of a vertical magnetic field. The fluid layer is bounded from below by a rigid boundary and from above by a deformable free surface. The critical Marangoni number Mc, the critical wavenumber ac and the critical frequency ωc are obtained for wide ranges of the Prandtl number #E5/E5#1, the magnetic Prandtl number #E5/E5#2, the crispation number Cr and the Chandrasekhar number Q. We present numerically a necessary and sufficient condition for oscillatory Marangoni convection to occur.