Oscillatory convection in a viscoelastic fluid through a porous layer heated from below

Research paper by N. Rudraiah, P. N. Kaloni, P. V. Radhadevi

Indexed on: 01 Jan '89Published on: 01 Jan '89Published in: Rheologica Acta


The stability of a viscoelastic fluid in a densely packed horizontal porous layer heated from below is considered using an Oldroyd model. Critical Rayleigh number, wave number, and frequency for overstability are determined by applying the linear stability theory. It is shown that the critical Rayleigh number is invariant under all relevant boundary combinations. Also, it is found that the effect of elasticity of the fluid is to destabilize the system and that of porosity is to stabilize the same. The limiting case of very high Prandtl number and the degenerate case corresponding to the Maxwell model are analyzed in some detail.