[Oropharyngeal cancer].

Research paper by David D Blanchard, Jean-Pierre JP Rame, Marie-Yolande MY Louis, Bernard B Gery, Carmen C Florescu, Dominique D de Raucourt, Radj R Gervais

Indexed on: 03 Jun '14Published on: 03 Jun '14Published in: Bulletin du Cancer


Oropharyngeal carcinomas, contrary to other head and neck carcinomas are of increasing frequency, mostly due to a frequent association with human papillomavirus infection. Pluridisciplinary management is necessary. New techniques as transoral surgery or intensity-modulated radiation therapy have the potential to reduce toxicities and morbidity while offering equivalent local control rates. Early stages may be treated with single modality treatment (surgery or radiotherapy) with five-year overall survival rate exceeding 80%. Advanced stages need therapeutic associations and five-years survival rates are inferior to 40%.