Organellar genome analysis reveals endosymbiotic gene transfers in tomato.

Research paper by Hyoung Tae HT Kim, Je Min JM Lee

Indexed on: 06 Sep '18Published on: 06 Sep '18Published in: PloS one


We assembled three complete mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomes), two of Solanum lycopersicum and one of Solanum pennellii, and analyzed their intra- and interspecific variations. The mitogenomes were 423,596-446,257 bp in length. Despite numerous rearrangements between the S. lycopersicum and S. pennellii mitogenomes, over 97% of the mitogenomes were similar to each other. These mitogenomes were compared with plastid and nuclear genomes to investigate genetic material transfers among DNA-containing organelles in tomato. In all mitogenomes, 9,598 bp of plastome sequences were found. Numerous nuclear copies of mitochondrial DNA (NUMTs) and plastid DNA (NUPTs) were observed in the S. lycopersicum and S. pennellii nuclear genomes. Several long organellar DNA fragments were tightly clustered in the nuclear genome; however, the NUMT and NUPT locations differed between the two species. Our results demonstrate the recent occurrence of frequent endosymbiotic gene transfers in tomato genomes.

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