Yun Zhang, Zheng-guo Xu, Wen-hai Wang, Jian-gang Lu, You-xian Sun


The optimal transmission lines assignment with maximal reliabilities (OTLAMR) in the multi-source multi-sink multi-state computer network (MMMCN) was investigated. The OTLAMR problem contains two sub-problems: the MMMCN reliabilities evaluation and multi-objective transmission lines assignment optimization. First, a reliability evaluation with a transmission line assignment (RETLA) algorithm is proposed to calculate the MMMCN reliabilities under the cost constraint for a certain transmission lines configuration. Second, the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm II (NSGA-II) is adopted to find the non-dominated set of the transmission lines assignments based on the reliabilities obtained from the RETLA algorithm. By combining the RETLA and the NSGA-II algorithms together, the RETLA-NSGA II algorithm is proposed to solve the OTLAMR problem. The experiments result show that the RETLA-NSGA II algorithm can provide efficient solutions in a reasonable time, from which the decision makers can choose the best solution based on their preferences and experiences.