Optimal Shape Design of an Extrusion–Forging Die Using a Polynomial Network and a Genetic Algorithm

Research paper by C.-Y. Wu, Y.-C. Hsu

Indexed on: 18 Mar '14Published on: 18 Mar '14Published in: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


The objective of this paper is to obtain an optimal die shape in consideration of the influence of metal flow deformation in the extrusion–forging processes. The finite-element method was used to analyse comprehensively the effects of different die shapes on extrusion–forging deformation. A polynomial network was used to construct the relationship model and a genetic algorithm was used to obtain the optimal shape of the extrusion–forging die. Through repeated cross-verifications of modelling and experiment, the errors between the results of the finite-element analysis and the prediction of the polynomial network are very small. The result of the deformation analysis and the optimal design approach to die shape in this study could be extended to the design of a more complicated forging die. This would be beneficial to forging industries.