Optimal Power Allocation and User Loading for Multiuser MISO Channels with Regularized Channel Inversion

Research paper by Rusdha Muharar, Randa Zakhour, Jamie Evans

Indexed on: 17 Jul '13Published on: 17 Jul '13Published in: Computer Science - Information Theory


We consider a multiuser system where a single transmitter equipped with multiple antennas (the base station) communicates with multiple users each with a single antenna. Regularized channel inversion is employed as the precoding strategy at the base station. Within this scenario we are interested in the problems of power allocation and user admission control so as to maximize the system throughput, i.e., which users should we communicate with and what power should we use for each of the admitted users so as to get the highest sum rate. This is in general a very difficult problem but we do two things to allow some progress to be made. Firstly we consider the large system regime where the number of antennas at the base station is large along with the number of users. Secondly we cluster the downlink path gains of users into a finite number of groups. By doing this we are able to show that the optimal power allocation under an average transmit power constraint follows the well-known water filling scheme. We also investigate the user admission problem which reduces in the large system regime to optimization of the user loading in the system.