Optimal planning and campaign scheduling of biopharmaceutical processes using a continuous-time formulation

Research paper by Miguel Vieira, Tânia Pinto-Varela, Samuel Moniz, Ana P. Barbosa-Póvoa, Lazaros G. Papageorgiou

Indexed on: 18 Apr '16Published on: 16 Apr '16Published in: Computers & Chemical Engineering


This work addresses the optimal planning and campaign scheduling of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, considering multiple operational characteristics, such as the campaign schedule of batch and/or continuous process steps, multiple intermediate deliveries, sequence dependent changeovers operations, product storage restricted to shelf-life limitations, and the track-control of the production/campaign lots due to regulatory policies. A new mixed integer linear programing (MILP) model, based on a Resource Task Network (RTN) continuous time single-grid formulation, is developed to comprise the integration of all these features. The performance of the model features is discussed with the resolution of a set of industrial problems with different data sets and process layouts, demonstrating the wide application of the proposed formulation. It is also performed a comparison with a related literature model, showing the advantages of the continuous-time approach and the generality of our model for the optimal production management of biopharmaceutical processes.

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