Optical control of electron spin coherence in CdTe/(Cd,Mg)Te quantum wells

Research paper by E. A. Zhukov, D. R. Yakovlev, M. M. Glazov, L. Fokina, G. Karczewski, T. Wojtowicz, J. Kossut, M. Bayer

Indexed on: 14 Dec '09Published on: 14 Dec '09Published in: Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect


Optical control of the spin coherence of quantum well electrons by short laser pulses with circular or linear polarization is studied experimentally and theoretically. For that purpose the coherent electron spin dynamics in a n-doped CdTe/(Cd,Mg)Te quantum well structure was measured by time-resolved pump-probe Kerr rotation, using resonant excitation of the negatively charged exciton (trion) state. The amplitude and phase shifts of the electron spin beat signal in an external magnetic field, that are induced by laser control pulses, depend on the pump-control delay and polarization of the control relative to the pump pulse. Additive and non-additive contributions to pump-induced signal due to the control are isolated experimentally. These contributions can be well described in the framework of a two-level model for the optical excitation of the resident electron to the trion.