Optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy: accomplishing optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic microscopy with a single light source.

Research paper by Xiangyang X Zhang, Hao F HF Zhang, Shuliang S Jiao

Indexed on: 17 Apr '12Published on: 17 Apr '12Published in: Journal of biomedical optics


We developed optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy (OC-PAM) to demonstrate that the functions of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and photoacoustic microscopy (PAM) can be achieved simultaneously by using a single illuminating light source. We used a pulsed broadband laser centered at 580 nm and detected the absorbed photons through photoacoustic detection and the back-scattered photons with an interferometer. In OC-PAM, each laser pulse generates both one OCT A-line and one PAM A-line simultaneously; as a result, the two imaging modalities are intrinsically co-registered in the lateral directions. In vivo images of the mouse ear were acquired to demonstrate the capabilities of OC-PAM.