Open String Spectrum in pp-wave background

Research paper by Chan Yong Park

Indexed on: 15 Oct '03Published on: 15 Oct '03Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


In this paper, we consider the D-brane, especially ${\rm D}_-$-brane, in the pp-wave background, which has the eight dynamical and the eight kinematical supercharges. Since the pp-wave background has not a SO(8) but a ${\rm SO}(4) \times {\rm SO}(4)$ symmetric group, the D-brane world-volume theory has a non-trivial symmetric group which depends on the configuration of D-brane. Here, we will analyze the open string spectrum consistent with the non-trivial symmetric group and, at the low energy limit, classify the field contents of the D-brane world-volume theory which come from the fermionic zero modes of the open string.