Open spindle nuclear division in the amoebal phase of the acellular slime moldEchinostelium minutum with chromosomal movement related to the pronounced rearrangement of spindle microtubules

Research paper by A. A. Hinchee, E. F. Haskins

Indexed on: 01 Mar '80Published on: 01 Mar '80Published in: Protoplasma


Myxamoebae ofEchinostelium minutum exhibit extranuclear (open spindle) mitosis with centrioles present at the poles. Spindle microtubules are formed in association with a juxtanuclear MTOC which surrounds the cell's complement of centrioles. During late prophase or prometaphase the nuclear envelope breaks down and subsequently a metaphase plate is formed. Two anaphasic movements occur sequentially: firstly, the distance of the chromosomes to the poles shortens; secondly the distance between the spindle poles increases. The arrangement of spindle microtubules during anaphase is consistent with the hypothesis that chromosomal separation is due to lateral interaction (zippering) of microtubules. During telophase, reconstitution of the nuclear envelope usually takes place in the interzonal region prior to reformation in the polar region. Cytokinesis, which begins in anaphase or early telophase involves the participation of vesicles, microfilaments and microtubules.