Opalinidae (Slopalinida) in South American Amphibia. Genus Zelleriella Metcalf, 1920 in Colombia

Research paper by B.L.J. Delvinquier, C.J. Marinkelle

Indexed on: 01 Oct '97Published on: 01 Oct '97Published in: Systematic Parasitology


In September and October 1992, 97 Colombian amphibians collected at eight sites and comprising 25 species in eight families were checked for opalines in the cloaca. Zelleriella falcata Carini, 1933 was found in one Elachistocleis ovalis (Microhylidae); Z. microcarya Metcalf, 1923 in three of six Rana vaillanti (Ranidae); Z. stewarti n. sp. in four of seven Colostethus subpunctatus (Dendrobatidae); Z. dendrobatidis Metcalf, 1923 in one juvenile of C. palmatus; Z. antilliensis (Metcalf, 1914) in three of eight Bufo marinus (Bufonidae), one of 14 juveniles of Leptodactylus sp. (Leptodactylidae), four of five L. fuscus and one of three L. ventrimarmoratus; and Z. opisthocarya Metcalf, 1923 in one of eight B. marinus; Z. paludicolae Metcalf, 1923 in one of three L. ventrimarmoratus; Zelleriella sp. in one of six B. granulosus. Z. xyster is proposed as a new combination for Protoopalina xyster Metcalf, 1923. The occurrence, evolution and biogeography of Neotropical Zelleriella are discussed.