One-way communication complexity and the Neciporuk lower bound on formula size

Research paper by Hartmut Klauck

Indexed on: 27 Feb '04Published on: 27 Feb '04Published in: Computer Science - Computational Complexity


In this paper the Neciporuk method for proving lower bounds on the size of Boolean formulae is reformulated in terms of one-way communication complexity. We investigate the scenarios of probabilistic formulae, nondeterministic formulae, and quantum formulae. In all cases we can use results about one-way communication complexity to prove lower bounds on formula size. In the latter two cases we newly develop the employed communication complexity bounds. The main results regarding formula size are as follows: A polynomial size gap between probabilistic/quantum and deterministic formulae. A near-quadratic size gap for nondeterministic formulae with limited access to nondeterministic bits. A near quadratic lower bound on quantum formula size, as well as a polynomial separation between the sizes of quantum formulae with and without multiple read random inputs. The methods for quantum and probabilistic formulae employ a variant of the Neciporuk bound in terms of the VC-dimension. Regarding communication complexity we give optimal separations between one-way and two-way protocols in the cases of limited nondeterministic and quantum communication, and we show that zero-error quantum one-way communication complexity asymptotically equals deterministic one-way communication complexity for total functions.