One-step resonant controlled-phase gate on distant transmon qutrits in different 1D superconducting resonators.

Research paper by Ming M Hua, Ming-Jie MJ Tao, Fu-Guo FG Deng, Gui G Lu Long

Indexed on: 22 Oct '15Published on: 22 Oct '15Published in: Scientific Reports


We propose a scheme to construct the controlled-phase (c-phase) gate on distant transmon qutrits hosted in different resonators inter-coupled by a connected transmon qutrit. Different from previous works for entanglement generation and information transfer on two distant qubits in a dispersive regime in the similar systems, our gate is constructed in the resonant regime with one step. The numerical simulation shows that the fidelity of our c-phase gate is 99.5% within 86.3 ns. As an interesting application of our c-phase gate, we propose an effective scheme to complete a conventional square lattice of two-dimensional surface code layout for fault-tolerant quantum computing on the distant transmon qutrits. The four-step coupling between the nearest distant transmon qutrits, small coupling strengths of the distant transmon qutrits, and the non-population on the connection transmon qutrit can reduce the interactions among different parts of the layout effectively, which makes the layout be integrated with a large scale in an easier way.