One loop effects of natural SUSY in indirect searches for SUSY particles at the ILC

Research paper by M. Jimbo, T. Kon, Y. Kouda, M. Ichikawa, Y. Kurihara, T. Ishikawa, K. Kato, M. Kuroda

Indexed on: 22 Mar '17Published on: 22 Mar '17Published in: arXiv - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We have found the possible region of parameters of the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) within the bounds from the experimental results of the Higgs mass, the rare decay mode of $b$-quark, the muon $g-2$, the dark matter abundance, and the direct searches for the lighter stop (i.e., one of the supersymmetric partners of top quark) at the LHC. We present numerical results of calculations for the one loop effects of supersymmetric particles in the processes of $\tau^+ \tau^-$, $b \overline{b}$, $t \overline{t}$, and $Z h$ production at the ILC by using benchmark points within the possible region of the MSSM parameters.