One-loop effects of extra dimensions on the WW\gamma and WWZ vertices

Research paper by A. Flores-Tlalpa, J. Montano, H. Novales-Sánchez, F. Ramirez-Zavaleta, J. J. Toscano

Indexed on: 15 Feb '11Published on: 15 Feb '11Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


The one-loop contribution of the excited Kaluza-Klein (KK) modes of the $SU_L(2)$ gauge group on the off-shell $WW\gamma$ and $WWZ$ vertices is calculated in the context of a pure Yang-Mills theory in five dimensions and its phenomenological implications discussed. The use of a gauge-fixing procedure for the excited KK modes that is covariant under the standard gauge transformations of the $SU_L(2)$ group is stressed. A gauge-fixing term and the Faddeev-Popov ghost sector for the KK gauge modes that are separately invariant under the standard gauge transformations of $SU_L(2)$ are presented. It is shown that the one-loop contributions of the KK modes to the off-shell $WW\gamma$ and $WWZ$ vertices are free of ultraviolet divergences and well-behaved at high energies. It is found that for a size of the fifth dimension of $R^{-1}\sim 1TeV$, the one-loop contribution of the KK modes to these vertices is about one order of magnitude lower than the corresponding standard model radiative correction. This contribution is similar to the one estimated for new gauge bosons contributions in other contexts. Tree-level effects on these vertices induced by operators of higher canonical dimension are also investigated. It is found that these effects are lower than those generated at the one-loop order by the KK gauge modes.