Oncologic results of laparoscopic versus conventional open surgery for stage II or III left-sided colon cancers: a randomized controlled trial.

Research paper by Jin-Tung JT Liang, Kuo-Chin KC Huang, Hong-Shiee HS Lai, Po-Huang PH Lee, Yung-Ming YM Jeng

Indexed on: 27 Oct '06Published on: 27 Oct '06Published in: Annals of Surgical Oncology


Minimal invasive surgical approach can achieve quick functional recovery. However, the oncologic outcome for cancer is still a concern. This study aims to compare the oncologic outcome between laparoscopic and open methods in the curative resection of Stage II or III left-sided colon cancers.In consideration of statistical power up to 90%, 286 eligible patients with curable left-sided colon cancer (Tumor-Node-Metastasis Stage II and Stage III disease) requiring the takedown of colonic splenic flexure to facilitate a curative left hemicolectomy were recruited randomly and equally allocated to the laparoscopic and open group. The primary endpoint was time-to-recurrence of tumor. Data was analyzed according to intention-to-treat principle.Postrandomization exclusion occurred because of metastatic disease detected intraoperatively occurred in 13 patients and because of patient withdrawal from trial in 4. Therefore, 135 and 134 patients actually comprised the laparoscopic and open group, respectively. The median follow-up of patient was 40 months (range: 18-72 months). The oncologic results were similar (P = 0.362, one-sided log-rank test) in laparoscopic and open group of patients, with the estimated cumulative recurrence rate of 13.2% (9/68) versus 17.2% (11/64) in Stage II disease and 20.9% (14/67) versus 25.7% (18/70) in Stage III disease, respectively. The recurrence patterns were similar between the two groups. Both open and laparoscopic groups were comparable in the number of dissected lymph node (15.6 +/- 3.0 vs. 16.0 +/- 6.0, P = 0.489), various demographic and clinicopathologic parameters.The estimated cumulative recurrence rate for the surgery of Stage II or III left-sided colon cancers was the same between laparoscopic and open methods.