On weighted Bochner-Martinelli residue currents

Research paper by Elizabeth Wulcan

Indexed on: 05 Oct '09Published on: 05 Oct '09Published in: Mathematics - Complex Variables


We study the weighted Bochner-Martinelli residue current R^p(f) associated with a sequence f=(f_1,...,f_m) of holomorphic germs at the origin in C^n, whose common zero set equals the origin, and p=(p_1,..., p_m)\in N^n. Our main results are a description of R^p(f) and its annihilator ideal in terms of the Rees valuations of the ideal generated by (f_1^{p_1},..., f_m^{p_m}) and an explicit description of R^p(f) when f is monomial. For a monomial sequence f we show that R^p(f) is independent of p if and only if f is a regular sequence.