On vector mode contribution to CMB temperature and polarization from local strings

Research paper by Levon Pogosian, Ira Wasserman, Mark Wyman

Indexed on: 06 Apr '06Published on: 06 Apr '06Published in: Astrophysics


In a recent publication, we used the data from WMAP and SDSS to constrain the primordial perturbations and to predict the B-mode polarization sourced by cosmic string networks. We have been alerted by A. Slosar to the existence of errors in the code we used to calculate the Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropies from cosmic strings. Correcting the errors leads to a significant increase in the vector mode contribution to the CMB temperature and polarization anisotropies as well as an overall renormalization of the various string spectra. In these notes we explain the nature of the errors and discuss their implications for previously published constraints on cosmic strings based on this code. The chief change in our results is that our derived limit for the cosmic string tension is strengthened: G\mu < 1.8 (2.7) * 10^{-7} at 68 (95)% confidence. We also note that the newly-enhanced vector mode contribution produces a greatly-increased amplitude for B-mode polarization in the CMB which could exceed the B-mode power produced by the lensing of primordial E-mode polarization into B-mode polarization.