On universal fields and de Broglie's waves

Research paper by M. F. Podlaha, T. Sjödin

Indexed on: 16 Oct '07Published on: 16 Oct '07Published in: Il Nuovo Cimento B (1971-1996)


Some properties of the universal gravitational field are derived by using the supposed observational equivalence with the apparent universal velocity field. It is found that de Broglie's hypothesis about the wave nature of matter indicates that there exist two different kinds of fundamental waves in Nature, to be named de Broglie's waves of first and second order, respectively. Of these waves the first one is a universal wave travelling at the constant velocityc0, while the second can be reflected and travels at the velocity of light which depends on the aether density. It is conjectured that de Broglie's waves of second order reflect on the knots of de Broglie's waves of first order. The Larmos slowing down of clocks and the Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction of bodies are considered as caused by the universal action of the homogeneous aether field. A formula for the aether density around a point mass is derived.