On time-space of nonlinear phenomena with Gompertzian dynamics.

Research paper by Przemyslaw P Waliszewski, Jerzy J Konarski

Indexed on: 03 Mar '05Published on: 03 Mar '05Published in: BioSystems


This paper describes a universal relationship between time and space for a nonlinear process with Gompertzian dynamics, such as growth. Gompertzian dynamics implicates a coupling between time and space. Those two categories are related to each other through a linear function of their logarithms. Moreover, we demonstrate that the spatial fractal dimension is a function of both scalar time and the temporal fractal dimension. The Gompertz function reflects the equilibrium of regular states, that is, states with dynamics that are predictable for any time-point (e.g., sinusoidal glycolytic oscillations) and chaotic states, that is, states with dynamics that are unpredictable in time, but are characterized by certain regularities (e.g., the existence of strange attractor for any biochemical reaction). We conclude that both this equilibrium and volume of the available complementary Euclidean space determine temporal and spatial expansion of a process with Gompertzian dynamics.