On the subinvariance of uniform domains in metric spaces

Research paper by Yaxiang Li, Manzi Huang, Xiantao Wang, Qingshan Zhou

Indexed on: 10 Feb '15Published on: 10 Feb '15Published in: Mathematics - Complex Variables


Suppose that $X$ and $Y$ are quasiconvex and complete metric spaces, that $G\subset X$ and $G'\subset Y$ are domains, and that $f: G\to G'$ is a homeomorphism. Our main result is the following subinvariance property of the class of uniform domains: Suppose both $f$ and $f^{-1}$ are weakly quasisymmetric mappings and $G'$ is a quasiconvex domain. Then the image $f(D)$ of every uniform subdomain $D$ in $G$ under $f$ is uniform. The subinvariance of uniform domains with respect to freely quasiconformal mappings or quasihyperbolic mappings is also studied with the additional condition that both $G$ and $G'$ are locally John domains.