On The Stratospheric Measurements of Cosmic Rays

Research paper by G. A. Bazilevskaya, A. K. Svirzhevskaya

Indexed on: 01 Aug '98Published on: 01 Aug '98Published in: Space science reviews


The results of measurements of cosmic-ray intensity in the Earth's atmosphere from 1957 up to now are presented. Balloon launchings performed several times a week at northern and southern polar latitudes as well as at midlatitudes yield a homogeneous data series for the study of the spatial distribution and temporal changes in the cosmic-ray intensity. The 11- and 22-year solar modulation, north-south asymmetry, energy hysteresis and a long-term trend in the cosmic-ray intensity are discussed. The fluxes and energy spectra of protons with energy > 100 MeV for about 100 solar energetic particle events in 1958-1992 are given. The role of cosmic rays in terrestrial atmospheric processes is briefly discussed.