On the solitary waves in the sine-Gordon model of the two-dimensional Josephson junction

Research paper by Nikolay K. Vitanov, Nikolay K. Martinov

Indexed on: 06 Feb '14Published on: 06 Feb '14Published in: Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter


The properties of the possible solitary electromagnetic waves, propagating in two-dimensional SIS Josephson junction without dissipative losses are investigated on the basis of the local theory of the junction. A classification of the waves in the junction with respect to the Swihart velocity is made. It is shown that allowed and forbidden areas for the wave numbers, wave frequency and wave amplitude exist. The cut-off frequency for the solitary waves which velocity is greater than the Swihart velocity can be smaller than the Josephson plasma frequency and moreover these waves can propagate only in a junction that is large in the direction perpendicular to the propagation direction. On the contrary the solitary waves which velocity is smaller than the Swihart velocity request junction size in the above direction to be smaller than a critical one. The investigated two-dimensional solitary waves can be connected with one or two quanta of the magnetic flux.