On the series of allelomorphs connected with the production of black pigment in rabbits

Research paper by R. C. Punnett

Indexed on: 01 Nov '30Published on: 01 Nov '30Published in: Journal of Genetics


Earlier work had shown that of the factors connected with the production of melanic pigment in the rabbit two groups of three each, viz.D, E, e, andJ, E, e, behaved as though in either case the three factors were allelomorphic. Evidence is now adduced to show thatD andJ are allelomorphic, and further evidence is brought forward to show thatD′, the “steel” factor, also belongs to the same series of allelomorphs. The five members of the series differ in their reactions towards the inhibitory agouti factor(A), D andJ being completely refractory,E ande being nonrefractory, andD′ partially so. Various points are discussed in connection with the phenotypical manifestation of various combinations of the five allelomorphs.