[On the Results of Analysis of Quality of Life of Paramedical Personnel].

Research paper by N G NG Petrova, N G NG Petrova

Indexed on: 06 Sep '18Published on: 06 Sep '18Published in: Problemy sotsial'noi gigieny, zdravookhraneniia i istorii meditsiny / NII sotsial'noi gigieny, ekonomiki i upravleniia zdravookhraneniem im. N.A. Semashko RAMN ; AO "Assotsiatsiia 'Meditsinskaia literatura'."


The quality of life of paramedical personnel is an important and little-studied characteristic of health that directly conditions quality of medical care support. The survey of 400 paramedical workers using questionnaire SF-36 demonstrated that an average grade of quality of life made up to 68.1±1.2. This grade decreases as increases age of workers. It is minimal in case of employment service 11-15 years and it is lower in medical nurses as compared with administrators of nursing services. The similar tendency is noted in workers of out-patient network as compared with workers of hospitals. Among all the components of quality of life a minimal grade is specific to level of social functioning and maximal grade -- to level of physical functioning. The analysis of level of quality of life of workers with different conditions of their life activity demonstrated that the most differences were specific to such factors as chronic diseases, level of income, character of personnel relationships, availability of organizational problems at work, prestige of medical nurse profession. The study substantiated importance of factors of non-material motivation of labor of paramedical personnel that can promote increasing of their quality of life and stimulate more effective work: amelioration of organizational conditions, target activity in development of optimal psychological climate in personnel staff, increasing of level of organizational, including deontological culture of all workers, increasing of prestige of profession of paramedical personnel, necessity of further development of system of labor remuneration.

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