On the relationship between structure and dynamics in a supercooled liquid

Research paper by Asaph Widmer-Cooper, Peter Harrowell

Indexed on: 26 Jan '09Published on: 26 Jan '09Published in: Physics - Statistical Mechanics


We present the dynamic propensity distribution as an explicit measure of the degree to which the dynamics in a liquid over the time scale of structural relaxation is determined by the initial configuration. We then examine, for a binary mixture of soft discs in two dimensions, the correlation between the spatial distribution of propensity and that of two localmeasures of configuration structure: the local composition and local free volume. While the small particles dominate the high propensity population,we find no strong correlation between either the local composition or the local free volume and the propensity. It is argued that this is a generic failure of purely local structural measures to capture the inherently non-local character of collective behaviour.