On the problem of two-tail heliosphere/astrospheres

Research paper by Vladislav Izmodenov, Dmitry Alexashov

Indexed on: 03 Jun '18Published on: 31 May '18Published in: Journal of physics. Conference series


We consider the effect of the solar/stellar wind collimation towards the solar/stellar wind rotation axis in the heliosheath between the termination shock and the heliopause/astropause. The collimation is due to the magnetic force produced by the toroidal component of the solar/stellar magnetic field. The collimation leads to formation of a two-jet structure and change of topology of the heliopause. Tube-like shape of the heliopause/astropause is formed instead of the commonly accepted sheet-like shape. Three different situations are explored in this paper: (1) the Sun/star is at the rest with respect to local interstellar medium (LISM), (2) the Sun/star moves with respect to fully ionized LISM, (3) the Sun/star moves with respect to partially ionized LISM. 3D non-dissipative MHD model results have shown that the tube-like structure is formed in the first two cases. The thickness of the heliosheath depends on the model parameters strongly. The case of the partially ionize...