On the problem of slow seismic waves

Research paper by V. A. Babeshko, O. M. Babeshko, O. V. Evdokimova, A. S. Mukhin, A. G. Fedorenko, V. L. Shestopalov

Indexed on: 25 Jan '13Published on: 25 Jan '13Published in: Mechanics of Solids


The use of vector eigenfunctions in the block method permits one one to simplify the construction of solutions of some boundary value problems and decrease the order of the systems of pseudodifferential equations. Because of this possibility, one can reveal some general properties of the stress-strain state of bounded deformable bodies. This result makes us closer to the explanation of certain behavior of block structures, including lithosphere plates, under seismic actions and allows one to study phenomena of the existence of slow seismic waves propagating in the Earth’s crust along the so-called “seismic traces.”