On the Justification of Viscoelastic Generalized Membrane Equations

Research paper by Gonzalo Castiñeira, Ángel Rodríguez-Arós

Indexed on: 31 Jul '18Published on: 31 Jul '18Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs


We consider a family of linearly viscoelastic shells with thickness $2\varepsilon$, clamped along a portion of their lateral face, all having the same middle surface $S=\mathbf{\theta}(\bar{\omega})\subset \mathbb{R}^3$, where $\omega\subset\mathbb{R}^2$ is a bounded and connected open set with a Lipschitz-continuous boundary $\gamma$. We show that, if the applied body force density is $O(1)$ with respect to $\varepsilon$ and surface tractions density is $O(\varepsilon)$, the solution of the scaled variational problem in curvilinear coordinates, defined over the fixed domain $\Omega=\omega\times(-1,1)$, converges in ad hoc functional spaces as $\varepsilon\to 0$ to a limit $\mathbf{u}$. Furthermore, the average $\overline{\mathbf{u}(\varepsilon)}= \frac1{2}\int_{-1}^{1}\mathbf{u} (\varepsilon) dx_3$, converges in an \textit{ad hoc} space to the unique solution of what we have identified as (scaled) two-dimensional equations of a viscoelastic generalized membrane shell, which includes a long-term memory that takes into account previous deformations. We finally provide convergence results which justify those equations.