On the Internal Topological Structure of Plane Regions

Research paper by Sanjiang Li

Indexed on: 18 Oct '13Published on: 18 Oct '13Published in: Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence


The study of topological information of spatial objects has for a long time been a focus of research in disciplines like computational geometry, spatial reasoning, cognitive science, and robotics. While the majority of these researches emphasised the topological relations between spatial objects, this work studies the internal topological structure of bounded plane regions, which could consist of multiple pieces and/or have holes and islands to any finite level. The insufficiency of simple regions (regions homeomorphic to closed disks) to cope with the variety and complexity of spatial entities and phenomena has been widely acknowledged. Another significant drawback of simple regions is that they are not closed under set operations union, intersection, and difference. This paper considers bounded semi-algebraic regions, which are closed under set operations and can closely approximate most plane regions arising in practice.