On the growth of solutions of a class of second-order complex differential equations

Research paper by Cai Feng Yi, Xu-Qiang Liu, Hong Yan Xu

Indexed on: 27 Jun '13Published on: 27 Jun '13Published in: Advances in difference equations


In this paper, we consider the differential equation f″+h(z)eP(z)f′+Q(z)f=0Open image in new window, where h(z)Open image in new window and Q(z)≢0Open image in new window are meromorphic functions, P(z)Open image in new window is a non-constant polynomial. Assume that Q(z)Open image in new window has an infinite deficient value and finitely many Borel directions. We give some conditions on P(z)Open image in new window which guarantee that every solution f≢0Open image in new window of the equation has infinite order.MSC:34AD20, 30D35.