On the generalized Clifford algebra of a monic polynomial

Research paper by Adam Chapman, Jung-Miao Kuo

Indexed on: 08 Jun '14Published on: 08 Jun '14Published in: Mathematics - Rings and Algebras


In this paper we study the generalized Clifford algebra defined by Pappacena of a monic (with respect to the first variable) homogeneous polynomial $\Phi(Z,X_1,\dots,X_n)=Z^d-\sum_{k=1}^d f_k(X_1,\dots,X_n) Z^{d-k}$ of degree $d$ in $n+1$ variables over some field $F$. We completely determine its structure in the following cases: $n=2$ and $d=3$ and either $\operatorname{char}(F)=3$, $f_1=0$ and $f_2(X_1,X_2)=e X_1 X_2$ for some $e \in F$, or $\operatorname{char}(F) \neq 3$, $f_1(X_1,X_2)=r X_2$ and $f_2(X_1,X_2)=e X_1 X_2+t X_2^2$ for some $r,t,e \in F$. Except for a few exceptions, this algebra is an Azumaya algebra of rank nine whose center is the coordinate ring of an affine elliptic curve. We also discuss representations of arbitrary generalized Clifford algebras assuming the base field $F$ is algebraically closed of characteristic zero.