On the fauna and ecology of phytophagous beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomeloidea, Curculionoidea) of the Trans-Volga and Cis-Ural areas

Research paper by S. V. Dedyukhin

Indexed on: 24 Jan '15Published on: 24 Jan '15Published in: Entomological Review


Data on the distribution and bionomics in the east of European Russia are reported for 77 species of phytophagous beetles (25 species of Chrysomelidae, 5 species of Bruchidae, 4 species of Apionidae, 1 species of Nanophyidae, and 42 species of Curculionidae). Fifty species are recorded for the first time for the forest-steppe zone of the Trans-Volga and Cis-Ural regions. Of these, 5 species (Phyllotreta procera, Aphthona kuntzei, A. franzi, Bruchidius cinerascens, Lixus canescens, Gymnetron sauromatum) and one intraspecific form of an obscure taxonomic rank (Coptocephala chalybaea chalybaea) are new to the east of European Russia. Three steppe species (Cryptocephalus halophilus, Aphthona tolli and Ceutorhynchus tesquorum) are new to the European fauna, and Cryptocephalus halophilus, previously known only from Kazakhstan and recently found in the steppe zone of the Southern Cis-Urals (Orenburg Province), is new to the Russian fauna. New host plants are reported for 25 species of beetles.